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Carpets are a decorative element that has been used for centuries. In addition to offering comfort and isolation, they are very suitable for separating rooms or accentuating different rooms.

Natural fiber carpets are highly recommended for their beauty, high quality and sustainability. They are suitable for all types of interiors – not only for rustic spaces, but they can be found anywhere.

Natural fibers are found in their natural color, in many shades and with different patterns. When talking about natural fibers, we have to make a first classification of fibers of vegetable and animal origin.

The range of materials extends from wool, cotton, sisal, jute and bamboo to the rarest natural fibers such as hemp, banana, silk and leather fibers. Although in the textile industry the use of synthetic fibers has increased, natural fibers are still considered an alternative thanks to their wide range of characteristics and capabilities.

They are also used as raw material for several types of carpets, giving both modern and classic carpets a beautiful and natural appearance. The robust and versatile properties of natural fibers also allow different production methods, such as knotting, weaving or knotting.

  • Among the woven with threads coming from animals, wool is probably the oldest material. Carpets made with hair derived from sheep or goats usually have the disadvantage of being expensive, but they are of great comfort and beauty, since it is a material that easily accepts dyeing with intense colors.
  • Silk is another ancestral material for making carpets. Its thread is resistant and elastic, and the resulting rugs are of great beauty, although they must be cleaned with extreme care. Nowadays, the material coming from the cocoons of silkworms with wool is usually combined, obtaining more resistant results.
  • Within the category of carpets woven with threads from plants, cotton carpets are also traditional. They are very pleasant to the touch and like wool, we can find them in a great variety of colors.
  • Of different aspect, hemp has been used equally since ancient times. It is somewhat rough to the touch, but it is a very resistant and fresh material. 
  • Coconut fibers is also a rough and rustic looking material, but it is very resistant to moisture and wear, which is recommended for high traffic areas. 
  • Jute is softer, so it is very appropriate in bedrooms, but not for high traffic areas, such as hallways or corridors. It dyes easily and can be found in a variety of shades, so it becomes an easily decorative elements. One of its biggest drawbacks is that it is very difficult to clean.
  • Sisal is a very versatile and flexible fabric, as resistant as hemp or coconut, but almost as soft as jute. It is somewhat more expensive than the latter, and can be used indoors and outdoors indistinctly.
  • Also, bamboo tablets are a great alternative if you want spaces to have an ethnic touch to the decoration of our house.

A wide range of natural fiber carpets

A natural fiber carpet gives each house a pleasant touch of naturalness and charm. Since this is especially appreciated in the living room and the bedroom, natural fiber carpets are the perfect accessory for these rooms.

In contrast, for a kitchen rug, or outdoor carpet, synthetic fibers, such as polypropylene, are more appropriate. Natural fibers have excellent heat regulation properties. Through this structure, carpets, especially wool or cotton, are able to absorb steam and provide a good indoor climate. They can also store heat effectively. 

Keep it practical: wool carpets not only isolate the heat, but also create a natural and healthy living environment, regulate the humidity in your rooms and neutralize the captured odors. In addition, there are other properties of natural fibers in favor of their use for carpets.

A natural fiber rug combines naturalness and aesthetics. Modern carpets made of natural fibers are available in different designs and bring vitality and freshness to your home. However, natural fiber carpets impress not only with their variety of design, but also with a variety of different forms: a long-haired carpet, made of natural fibers, provides high comfort in all rooms, and a very particular touch of style.

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