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Now that you have decided to buy a carpet for your home, you must know that picking the color and materials is the hardest part of all since setting the carpet can be done in just a whiff. 

No matter what kind of floor you’re installing it in, the first thing you need to consider is that the floor must be clean, dry and ready. Also take into account that you must ventilate the room and the carpet before installing it, this with the purpose that no moisture remains trapped between the carpet and the floor. This is especially necessary for places with high humidity or where it has been raining recently.  

On concrete

The first step to installing your carpet is to place the grab bars, first cut a piece the length of a wall and attach it to the floor with masonry nails. Remember that the pointed side should point towards the wall since that is where you will place the edges of the carpet.

Once the grab bars or strips are placed, place the carpet filling strips, they must be the length of the room and must necessarily cover the entire room. When ready this cut your carpet leaving about 15 cm of excess to place it under the bars and also to fix any errors that may have occurred during installation. Carpet installers recommend that this is done with precision since setting the size correctly will determine how good it looks. 

Place the carpet as if it were a roll and roll it from wall to wall making sure after pressing well so that no wrinkles are left in the middle of the piece. When, extend it well with the help of a spatula, place the carpet inside the grab bars. Finally, cover the edge of the carpet at the entrance of the doors using metal rules for the doors and. In the end, place the baseboard of your choice to secure the carpet.

The same applies if you are working with carpet tiles. Measure the area and place the mats, until you have everything completely covered. 

On wood floors

You can install carpeting just above a hardwood floor. If the wood is damaged, scratched or simply very old, the carpet will be an excellent way to improve the appearance of the house. You don’t need any special preparation to do the installation. However, you may want to think about placing some foam or rubber on the floor first. That will give the carpet something to hold on to, and it will also prevent dust or water from falling through the carpet and scratching the hardwood floor as the carpet is sitting over it. 

The next step is the installation of a carpet on the hardwood floor. Simply set the carpet on the floor around the edges with the appropriate nails. In the case of hardwood floors on plywood subfloors, 1 inch (2.54 cm) or wood nails should be used. For wood installed on concrete, you have to use concrete tack strips with nails for concrete. Align the walls with the strips. Then create a threshold in the next room by installing a 1/2 inch (1.27 cm) strip away from the edge where the carpet meets the entrance to the other room.

Apply pressure with a carpet tool to attach it to the tack strips. Pull or stretch the carpet from one end of the room to the remaining set of strips and repeat. Then pull the carpet to the edges where you placed the last set of strips.

In either case, you reach the final step. Cut the remaining edge of the carpet with a carpet knife. If the carpeting is even with the floor of the room attached then your work is complete. Otherwise, you should install a threshold at the junction to cover the area.

Then, carpet installers recommend letting your products dry for at least 24 hours. In case something moves or there is too much humidity and something comes off, you can see it at this time. You are now an expert!

However, if you are not sure about doing it yourself, you can always call us. We have a wide selection of options for you, plus we can install carpets in any room. You will be calling the best experts! We will be step by step making sure everything is in order.

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