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Currently, we spend more time in enclosed areas, breathing the particles that are in the air, so we tend to get sick with asthma and/or airway related problems.

To protect your health and that of your family, you will be surprised to know it is much better to have a carpeted floor, compared to other hard surfaces such as ceramics, wood, laminate floor, cement, and so on.

When thinking about acquiring a carpet, people worry about cleaning and maintenance, this makes them opt for conventional or wooden floors. But having carpets at home is not as complicated as it seems and can be done without investing much time or money.

Why choose a carpet?

The carpet acts as a natural filter by keeping dust particles away from the breathing zone. That is, the dust is trapped in the carpet preventing the dust particles from rising when walking. On the other hand, with other hard surfaces, when we walk, we lift dust particles that can cause allergies when breathing.

It is important to know that a clean, dry and well-maintained carpet improves air quality, as it traps and immobilizes potential allergy-causing particles.

Advantages of having a carpet at home

Aside from texture, style and décor, having a carpet can even be considered more practical. The decorative possibilities and drawing options are immense due to the wide variety of colors and textures available.  While it requires regular upkeep (just like any other surface), it is also true that it can be one of the most hassle-free alternatives for any space. 

  1. Cost: There’s the idea that a carpet is an expensive product, and it was – when wool and jute were the most used fibers in its manufacture. However, with the technology we have today, synthetic fiber carpets are currently the most economical and elegant options for floor covering.
  2. Less dust: Carpets are excellent to retain dust. When dust forms, it is retained between the fibers until it vacuumed and completely removed from the environment. 
  3. Safety: Carpets are soft and offer a safe and non-slip surface. According to statistics on accidents at home, the number of injuries caused by slips or falls on hard floors is higher. 
  4. Better insulation: The surface and the secondary base of the carpet act as thermal insulators. In the case of air-conditioned environments, synthetic fibers store small amounts of air that retain the temperature for longer, providing less energy consumption.
  5. Comfort: Professionals agree that a carpet is an ideal covering to minimize the stress that the body suffers when walking on hard floors. They recommend that carpets be placed in homes to lessen common problems, such as back and joint pain. 
  1. Better acoustics: An important benefit of the carpet is its intense sound insulation property. Fans of audio and home theaters also prefer carpeted environments because that results in a balanced and harmonious sound.
  2. Installation and easy upkeep: A carpet is a practical, resistant and durable coating, it has a surface that does not scratch or splinter. Its installation and cleaning is easy and requires the minimum maintenance effort. The cost to maintain your carpet is relatively low compared to other types of coatings like wood. 

Materials, the latest trends

The new trends in carpets are being guided by contemporary designs, but above all by ecological materials: it is these new materials that are becoming a perfect option. The beauty and elegance of the designs that accompany the natural materials have made the ecological carpets have a greater proliferation in the market.

Good taste and respect for the environment, are the key to the success of these carpets: materials such as coconut and bamboo, which have the quality of creating warm and clear floors, are offered as ideals to visually expand the environments. It is therefore good to know what the characteristics of each fiber are, since they all have different characteristics and need different care.

There are also many more ecological materials that have become popular, a wide world of possibilities to explore and decide which one is best for you.

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