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The floor is one of the elements of the house that needs to bring balance to the ambiance of the home, and a useful heater, especially in the colder months. There are different types of floors, and some of them are colder than others. It’s not unusual people consider carpet installation, and you might be surprised there’s a lot to choose from. 

In addition to being a decorative element that can bring out the light in a room, they offer a sense of comfort making the place a cozy space at home. They are made of multiple materials that can be differentiated by style, texture, and colors. They originated centuries ago in Europe, where they were used in walls as tapestries or table covers.

Years later, in the 18th century, they were used to cover floors, making them even more popular. Today, this is how most people use them, as an element for décor.

When choosing one, you must know there are many different types of carpets, and if you really want to compare, you might need to visit a few carpet stores on your quest. If you make a good purchase, you are looking at something that will last a very long time. This is another key point, along with carpet installation, since if it’s not both quality and properly installed you will have to change it due to deterioration.

As we mentioned before, there are several types of carpets you may install, depending on the kind of floor you have, and the effect you want to have made on your overall decoration.

Their main function is to demarcate any sector and are easily installed in selected spaces to enhance and color. Many people use them in the rooms to combine with the decoration of furniture, tables, and other accessories. They are made in multiple materials, colors, textures, and designs to radiate the spaces.


Modular carpets are an economical, comfortable, fast alternative with lots of designs for you to choose from. Any carpet store would have a wide variety, and they adapt to any type of surface. These small tapestries made from rubber can be moved as many times as necessary. In addition to this, its setting is fast, simple and can be modified to taste used in many ways. They are installed on the floor thanks to a self-adhesive layer that allows for quick set up.


These are the kind of carpets that are meant to cover a whole surface. It is a textile element that in addition to beautifying an area, it makes for warm, welcoming environments. They are designed to be set in any space of the house. Homes or places that have floors covered with this carpet acquire a high aesthetic value. They are excellent thermal and acoustic insulators. Its installation is very simple and it is not recommended to install them in areas such as bathrooms and kitchens due to the humidity they can absorb.

Let’s talk materials

The beauty and versatility of carpets are a popular choice among architects, designers, decorators, and real estate owners. The decorative possibilities and drawing options are immense due to the wide variety of colors and textures available. In addition, the softness, elegance and comfort make the carpet the ideal covering for all areas of the house.

The same happens with materials: they are so different and varied that you have an endless number of possibilities, which go from vinyl and nylon to natural fibers.


When looking a quality carpet for indoor or outdoor environments, vinyl is the material to go. They are moisture and dirt-resistant since they easily washable. They are the way to go for those people who don’t want high maintenance carpets. Vinyl carpets do not attract dust, they are great for people who are allergic and are also resistant to wear. Many carpet installers will recommend these if you want an easy-to-manage kind of carpet.


Nylon is very commercial, therefore many companies make carpets in this type of material. It is a resistant and durable material so it is ideal for making carpets located for areas with heavy traffic, such as offices or common areas at home. They are anti-humectant, they do not attract insects, becoming an easy maintenance item.


They are known as heavy-duty carpets, thanks to polypropylene, a high-strength material. They are designed to be in very busy places and especially where the sun, humidity and other factors may have some influence. Polypropylene is a material that is woven and then dyed in any color to then make the carpet. These are easy to maintain and carpet installers will set it so that it is also easy to vacuum. This material repels fungi, insects, moisture, and other factors.


If the polypropylene and polyester carpets have a certain likeness with wool, acrylic looks even more like it. Usually, acrylic carpets are for commercial use because of their resistance. Best of all, this material offers a wide variety of colors that hold at different temperatures. At home, they can even be used without a problem in bathrooms and kitchens.


The new trends in carpets are being guided by contemporary designs, indeed. But above, they are being topped by ecological materials; they are becoming a perfect option. The beauty and elegance of the designs that come with natural has made ecological carpets popular on the market. 

Some of the most known types of natural fibers are:

    • Jute
    • Sisal
    • Coconut
    • Tatami
    • Sea-Grass
  • Mats

The texture is the basic element through which you should guide your choice in carpets. While you might find quality carpets in any carpet store, it is important you know exactly what you need. Its expressive character depends on the fabric; shaved or processed, with uniform or combined knotting… These elements are essential to achieve surprising decorative effects and special ambiance for your rooms.

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