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How to install a carpet at home, doing it yourself

Now that you have decided to buy a carpet for your home, you must know that picking the color and materials is the hardest part of all since setting the carpet can be done in just a whiff.  No matter what kind of floor you’re installing it in, the first thing you need to consider is that the floor must be clean, dry and ready. Also take into account that…

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Carpet Installers Brooklyn - Paredes Floor Covering

DIY home improvement: Modular carpet Installation

Interior decoration is one of the hobbies that moves the most with trends and whims. New ideas and options attract the attention of an audience every day. Be it home or an office space, the floor is an important factor to have a space with a fresh, avant-garde and dynamic environment. In recent years the carpet market has been marked by a trend that increasingly opens up more for every…

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