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Gym flooring brooklyn - Paredes

The best 4 options for gym flooring

When opening or remodeling a fitness business – be it a gym, a pilates studio or a CrossFit space - it is essential to identify the ideal floor since it will support the impact of equipment and accessories, as well as being a key component for the design of a complete gym. Why does the type of floor in a gym matter? A good gym floor, in addition to complying…

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Best Flooring for Bathroom - Paredes Brooklyn

Bathroom flooring: a world of possibilities!

Bathroom flooring requires specific characteristics material-wise: will be exposed to moisture, must be non-slip, easy to clean and durable; without sacrificing aesthetics.  When thinking of designing or renewing a bathroom, floor coverings are usually a somewhat relegated item, far behind the toilets and faucets. That is why we’ll talk about the best bathroom floor ideas, since they are infinite, adjustable and incredibly stylish. Most of the modern ones combine classic…

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flooring company nyc

Guide to choose the perfect floor for kids: make it practical and easy to clean!

Do you think that choosing the ideal floor for a room is only about colors? Better think twice! Because since the floor is something that should last for decades, it is convenient to choose the best type of floor according to the use that will be given to the room. In decorating your children's bedroom, there are many aspects to consider. Of course, you want the design to look consistent…

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Vinyl tiles for kitchen - Paredes floor covering

Vinyl Tiles in the kitchen, a must

Innovations in interior design have allowed for different materials to add luxury and versatility to your house. Some of these materials are synthetic, durable and suitable for any area in the house. Unlike several others, vinyl flooring can be easily applied and will be a comfortable addition to your house that will be convenient to maintain. To help you begin your search for the best vinyl sheet floor, let's review…

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Hardwood flooring brooklyn - Paredes

Best home ideas for floor refinishing

Every space at home has different uses. Defining what finishes or materials you are going to use in each one is key to invest your money well and avoid frustrations.  Defining the floors you will use in different areas around the house can make several dilemmas arise: the spaces should be beautiful, but sober, to be easy to clean, but not slippery, functional, but stylish... It's not easy. That is…

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