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Carpet installation NYC - Paredes

Having a carpet at home: the smartest choice?

Currently, we spend more time in enclosed areas, breathing the particles that are in the air, so we tend to get sick with asthma and/or airway related problems. To protect your health and that of your family, you will be surprised to know it is much better to have a carpeted floor, compared to other hard surfaces such as ceramics, wood, laminate floor, cement, and so on. When thinking about…

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Hardwood flooring brooklyn - Paredes

Best home ideas for floor refinishing

Every space at home has different uses. Defining what finishes or materials you are going to use in each one is key to invest your money well and avoid frustrations.  Defining the floors you will use in different areas around the house can make several dilemmas arise: the spaces should be beautiful, but sober, to be easy to clean, but not slippery, functional, but stylish... It's not easy. That is…

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Brooklyn Carpet Installation - Paredes

Natural fibers: a green and exquisite alternative to décor

Carpets are a decorative element that has been used for centuries. In addition to offering comfort and isolation, they are very suitable for separating rooms or accentuating different rooms. Natural fiber carpets are highly recommended for their beauty, high quality and sustainability. They are suitable for all types of interiors - not only for rustic spaces, but they can be found anywhere. Natural fibers are found in their natural color,…

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Cleaning Carpet Brooklyn - Paredes

Carpet Cleaning: different ways to clean your carpet

Although there are many options when it comes to carpet cleaners, it is eventually the methods and their applications that are going to decide the quality of the service. Most carpet cleaning companies in Brooklyn offer a host of different methods. But how does one choose from the deluge of methods?  Here are a few methods explained in detail to help you make the best choice that suits your carpet…

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Quality Carpet Brooklyn - Paredes Floor Covering

Tuft carpets, finding the perfect fit

Choosing the perfect carpet is not an easy task. Although you may find many different ones available in the market today, certain concerns must be addressed before you make a definitive choice.  A carpet is a decorative element that is a very important complement that adds elegance to any space. Although they had started to be left behind, today they are trending more than ever. They have become a very…

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