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Bathroom flooring requires specific characteristics material-wise: will be exposed to moisture, must be non-slip, easy to clean and durable; without sacrificing aesthetics. 

When thinking of designing or renewing a bathroom, floor coverings are usually a somewhat relegated item, far behind the toilets and faucets.

That is why we’ll talk about the best bathroom floor ideas, since they are infinite, adjustable and incredibly stylish. Most of the modern ones combine classic aesthetics advanced technology and careful design. 

Do you know what material suits you best? 

In the universe of bathroom flooring, we’ll find several options in the market. Porcelain remains one of the ideal materials, due to its high resistance to wear and ease of cleaning, but there are many more materials that could be ideal for your home.

Marble –

A true classic. It is an alternative that doesn’t grow old. If the budget allows for it, this product is a coating that is worth the trouble. Available in a variety of colors, the presence of this noble material hierarchizes the environment while offering excellent durability and hygiene benefits. And even with its classic imprint it is so versatile that it adapts perfectly to both classic and modern.

Bathroom floor tiles –

Economical, durable and practical ceramic tiles are one of the most chosen tiles, also because of the variety of styles and finishes they offer. A stone-like texture and earthy colors achieves a warm atmosphere. A plus: its texture offers us a non-slip and easy maintenance floor.


Smoothed cement + stone –

Smoothed cement earned a privileged site among the available finishes for walls and floors. Its versatility in colors, the absence of joints, the possibility of combining with other materials, its excellent price/quality ratio and the possibility of being applied on existing coatings makes it a popular option. On the same surface, cement can be combined with an infinite number of materials such as: limestone mosaics, wood, stone, majolica, glass and even metal guards.

Limestone mosaic –

Although it is more used in kitchens or galleries, there is no reason to discard the limestone mosaic on the bathroom floor; if you aren’t sure of its porosity, you can apply a transparent sealant (with a matt, satin or gloss finish) and that’s it. The motives, ranging from complex arabesque to geometric figures, are almost infinite and constitute true works of art. There are also smooth, pastel or saturated colors; possible combinations are unlimited, it’s up to you. 

Wood-like –

The new wood-like porcelain tiles are warm, practical and timeless. The variety is infinite and is one better than the other. The tones and texture of wood are so well made, that, except for the touch, it is difficult to set them apart from natural hardwood floors. It sounds like a very crazy alternative, but if you are going for a “wow” effect on your bathroom, it may be a great option. 

Best Flooring for Bathroom - Paredes Brooklyn

The Materials

Figuring out what kind of material you want for the bathroom isn’t all there is. A good design idea or an application technique can help you turn the most basic product or area into an attractive setting that really gets people’s attention. 

  • Black/White – A ceramic or a simple tile can also give you a more sophisticated result depending on its form of application. The white/black combination, like a checkerboard or in a more playful manner with guards and corner guards can provide a classic and distinguished touch without spending much extra. If you go for other colors, just make sure they are the right contrast. Their placement does not present major complications and the final result harmonizes with any type of toilet.
  • Mosaics – Another variant to use a simple and cost-effective material and obtain a richer aesthetic is to go full mosaic on it. You can think of designs that combine multiple colors and materials, which can also be bought second-hand, or as discard batches. In this case the skill of the craftsman who will be doing the placement is key; the complexity of it should be considered based on the dimensions of the bathroom, overall design and the amount of traffic it will have. 

Are you ready to experiment with the designer in you? 

Paredes Bathroom Flooring Brooklyn

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